Steve and Sheila Grudzinski

Steve and Sheila Grudzinski

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British White Cattle

Sheila and new British White Calf

We also raise a few British White Cattle

White cattle (often with black or red ears) are believed to have been highly regarded in Britain and Ireland in very early times,[1] and herds of white cattle were kept as ornamental and sporting animals in enclosed parks for many centuries. They gave rise to the horned White Park cattle, and contributed to the polled British White. However, British Whites are not as genetically distinct from other British breeds as White Parks are, and so there is some doubt about their exact origins; other breeds such as Shorthorn may have contributed to their development.

These cattle were kept in the Park of Whalley Abbey, in the Forest of Bowland near Clitheroe. After that time the major portion of the herd was moved to Norfolk, in the early 19th century. This herd was sold off in small lots, largely to nobility in the surrounding countryside, and formed the basis of the British White breed. By the early 20th century these cattle had declined to about 130 registered animals, mainly in the eastern counties of England. By the end of the 20th century numbers had grown to over 1,500 registered animals in the UK and perhaps 2,500 in the US.

Grazing Consultant - Steve Grudzinski 308.391.0004

Progressive Forage Magazine with Steve Grudzinski

 Steve Grudzinski works as a self employed Grazing Consultant for grazing beef operations. Steve can help you design your grazing system, troubleshoot problems you are experiencing, and help you reach the goals you have for grazing livestock and improving pastures, meadows, or cover crops. His goal is to help your farm or ranch become more sustainable profitable. Utilizing grazing for 30 years he has the experience to help you with questions and problems as you are implementing grazing on your farm or ranch, or looking for outside, independent advice. His long time interest in helping others get started and implementing anything from simple rotational grazing systems to mob grazing practices makes him uniquely qualified to improve your pastures and above all profits.